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 Competition Climbing Rules (latest version)

The quota for the final round shall be six (6) competitors.

The appeal period expires 30 minutes after the publication time of the corresponding phase and category below.

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pdf JBBC2022 MJ Final Result
pdf JBBCC2022 FJ Final Result
pdf JBBC2022 MA Final Results
pdf JBCC2022 FA Final Results
pdf JBBC2022 MB Final Results
pdf JBBC2022 FB Final Result
pdf JBCC2022 FC Final Results
pdf JBBC2022 MC Final Competition Results
pdf JBBC2022 FC Qual Results
pdf JBCC2022 MC Qual Results
pdf JBBC2022 MB AMEND 2 Qual Result
pdf JBBC2022 MB AMEND Qual Result
pdf JBBC2022 FB AMEND Qual Results
pdf JBBC2022 FB Qual Result
pdf JBBC2022 MB Qual Result
pdf Youth A Male Provisional Qualification Results
pdf Youth A Female Provisional Qualification Results
pdf JBBC2022 MJ Qual Result
pdf JBBC2022 FJ Qual Result